Monday, September 23, 2013

My New Tiffany Room

I have always wanted to paint my room, it was a peach color for as long as we've lived in our current house. However, I happen to have the heaviest furniture known to man, or atleast known to me. Both my sleigh bed and big desk are from Pottery Barn kids a few years back and they are made of super thick white painted wood. I decided I would paint everything and then move my furniture just enough to get behind to paint and then put them back, with the help of my boyfriend of course.

I bought this gorgeous frame from Hobby Lobby on sale. The plaque is my favorite part of my whole room, I found it while thrifting and fell in love, I equally love fashion and disney a great deal so I had to have it.

And here is my new Tiffany walls! Not sure what the color is specifically but its just as close to Tiffany Blue as I could get at Sherwin Williams.

The mess that comes with painting a room with furniture in it already.

I had a red chair and mirror table at the end of my bed. I traded the chair out for my mirror that holds jewelry inside. My mirror was against the wall between my bathroom door and bedroom door but it was always in the way because it comes out so far. I decided that if I put it in the corner than I would be able to dress better and have easier access to my jewelry. On my mirror table I have a Tiffany box that my Tiffany cup came in, my Tiffany cup, and some old vintage things.

The top of my nightstand had been dirty from water damage from leaving cups on it and nail polish remover had taken some of its finish away. I painted it with my wall paint and put my old lamp and some fashion books on it.