Saturday, July 18, 2009

july favorites

So your probably wondering where I've been. Well I survived helping my mom with directing vacation bible school at church this week. Can we say EXHAUSTING! Then we had a carnival last night and I painted more than twenty faces. So as I rest, clean, and pack for the lake tomorrow, I figured I should do a post.

I decided to start a monthly thing where I post my monthly favorites. So these are my july favorites.

Words cannot express how amazing this product is. I will try though. Rimmel London' s Sexy Curves mascara is wonderful in so many ways. This is a mascara for everyone! It lengthens and volumizes your eyelashes, and the packaging is so cute.

I went to Dollar General monday in hopes that they restocked their E.L.F. products. Sadly they hadn't, but I did buy the eyelash curler and I love it!

Well this picture really doesn't do this lip gloss justice. In person its pinker. Anyways this is Ulta's lip gloss in "Baby".

I love candles, and these are my favorite candles. Bath and Bodys Work sleep candles. They don't really make me sleepy, but the lavender and vanilla scent is amazing.

OPI's Purple with a Purpose is the prettiest purple nail polish ever! Also, its not to dark for summer.

This my favorite lip gloss which is C.O. Bigelow's Lime flavored lip shine.

This my favorite gum ever! I love stride gum, but sweet peppermint is my favorite flavor.

I am so white! Although if I put Banana Boat's dark tanning oil on when I go tanning I get dark in half the time. Also it smells like bananas so thats another plus!

OMG! I love this whole series. If you start reading these books you will never want to put them down. It's the Pretty Little Liars series which is about five girls that were best friends in seventh grade until one went missing and the book picks up when the four left are in twelvth grade and someone keeps texting them their old secrets and claims to be their old friend that went missing. This series is not only for teenagers.

Okay first I obviously love Glamour magazine, and second I love Sandra Bullock.

Me and my mom have fallen in love with Fuze! I haven't had one that I didn't like, but my favorite is Banana Colada.
I also love smart water. Not only do I love water I just love the size of the bottles. I get these for five for five dollars at Food Lion.

Last is OPI's "Elephantastic pink". I love love love this color and it is so amazing for the summer.