Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Leg Coverings

 How do you characterize or define the phrase "leg coverings?" Do jeans, yoga pants, and tights fit this category? My group and I in fashion society and dress class were given the task of leg coverings. We watched people in a local Starbucks and Harris Teeter in order to make a poll. Out of 100 people we had to observe what type of leg covering they were wearing. Our categories were skinny jeans, leggings, sweat pants, flare jeans, dress pants, khaki, colored jeans/pants, tights, and lastly workout pants. Below are the results...
                                                                   Khaki pants- 5%

                                                                          Tights- 8%

                                                                    Dress pants- 8%

                                                                    Skinny Jeans- 17%

                                                                    Flare Jeans- 26%

                                                             Colored Jeans/Pants- 6%

                                                           Yoga/Workout Pants- 4%


                                                                         Leggings- 16%