Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY: lets get CORNy :)

It's almost Thanksgiving and everytime I think about this particular holiday, corn instantly comes to mind. So why not celebrate it with a little corn. With just a few steps and craft items you probably have laying around the house, you can make your own corn headband!

Items needed (in picture above):
-a glue gun (bought at A. C. Moore for 2.99 it is a mini glue gun and doesn't get too hot so you may touch the glue after application and not get burned and it gets the job done)
-glue sticks (it only took me half a stick for the whole project)
-scrapbooking paper in yellow and green
-head bands (glittery ones were found at A. C. More from the line "LALiBERI" by Julie Comstock, they come three to a pack for around $3.00)
- yellow rhinestones
-green glitter puffy paint
bought: at Michaels and A.C. Moore

1. Cut out a lemon looking oval from the yellow scrapbooking paper.
From the green scrapbooking paper cut out leaves.
2. Glue the green leaves to the yellow corn by overlapping the green onto the yellow and make sure the corn doesn't stick out the bottom. (Glue gun was used to glue them together)
3. Take a paint brush and your green glitter puffy paint and paint the glitter on the leaves to add pizazz. After it has dried, glue the corn to the headband. (Also glued by glue gun and very easy)
4. To add "bling" (which is what every glamour girl needs) glue yellow rhinestones to the corn.

The finished product: very cute, catches the eye, and the most glamorous DIY accessory for the fall season :)
(disregard my pitiful hair in the picture, I'm a college kid and I woke up very early this morning for class and I go to a women's college, so it doesn't matter haha)