Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 Finds

I actually got a chance to do a little shopping the other day with my mom. We ran into the mall and hit Charlotte Russe and Forever 21. I bought some really cute trendy things to update my wardrobe without spending a bunch. Here's what I got...

 This Charlotte Russe print top is just too cute! The basic top is accented with vibrant blues, reds, and purples and has rhinestones across the chest. It has a slight oversized look but won't swallow you like the trendy tops that you find in any store.

                                                 Charlotte Russe- on the sale rack for $10.00!

          A closer look at this beautiful necklace and you can see the braid of turquoise. This is a trendy color and necklace and together they look stunning.

                                                 Charlotte Russe necklace- on sale for $5.00!

        I found this bright top at Forever 21. It is bright hilghliter pink (it doesn't show its true color in the picture) and it is a burnout wash so when everyone washes this shirt they each get a different effect. Like the Charlotte Russe shirt above, this shirt is slightly oversized and is perfect for the summer. It can be dressed up or thrown over a bikini top for a simple dressed down look. The necklace that I chose is also from Forever 21, it is 10+ strings of bright silver beads.

                                                           Forever 21 basic top- $12.80
                                                            Forever 21 necklace- $7.80

         I just couldn't settle for one necklace so I also selected this simple rabbit for a dressed down look. This adorable rabbit looks so similar to the rabbit  in Alice in Wonderland and it has a small rhinestone collar.

                                                        Forever 21 rabbit necklace- $3.80

Everything I found was wonderful but my favorite was this cute cocktail ring. In the first picture it looks turquoise but it is actually a light green. The stone is centered in a blinged out rhinestone setting.

                                                              Forever 21 ring- $5.80