Thursday, April 26, 2012

Turquoise Thursday!

I have found, on accident, the perfect "Tiffany" color! Me and my boyfriend were grabbing a few things from  our local Wal-Mart and he told me to choose nail polishes for Easter. I have taught him that the best presents a person can get me is the one I pick out (haha just kidding, okay not really...), so he let me pick out a few of my Easter presents. I saw this Essie nail polish (pictured below) in "turquoise & caicos." I believe that is the worst name they have ever come up with but I love the color anyways.
 This is the "turquoise & caicos" up close and personal with my Tiffany & Co. jewelry box. 

 The one on the left is "Mint Candy Apple" which has been my favorite for a long time but it is much lighter.

               Side by side, "Mint Candy Apple" and "turquoise & caicos", you can tell a major difference.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Never Pay Full Price For Fabulous" -Marshalls

         While putting on my makeup this morning I realized I was hitting pan on an eyeshadow and running out of my eye pencil. I decided to run to Ulta during lunch and happened to make it to Marshalls also. Marshalls is the reason for my cute little title. I never noticed but their trademark is just too cute and true. My journey started at Ulta, I needed a few NYX products. Low and behold I walk in and I see that NYX is having a HUGE sale on their products. (Okay maybe not HUGE, but it made me really happy that I paid nearly half for every NYX product.) I got...

A NYX mascara, eyeshadow, lip gloss, and jumbo eye pencil.

NYX Za Za Zu- $3.59
Buying the mascara was not my intention at all. I walked in Ulta and was instantly fooled into partaking in the sale. A variety of NYX mascaras were on sale because they were all from the same line (Boudoir) so I'm thinking they were just trying to get rid of them. But anywho this is the NYX Za Za Zu luscious volume mascara in BMC 07. It doesn't specify the color but from my own understanding its in black. The reasoning behind my picture is that when I saw it it reminded me of my L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes. We shall see if they compare. Below is the difference between their wands. The NYX wand is a brush but the L'oreal is a smaller plastic wand that evenly distributes mascara to your lashes. I LOVE my L'oreal mascara so I hope the NYX mascara can do the same. 

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in "Sugar Pie"- $3.29                                                                      
The next purchase was not an intention but I've always wanted to try their lip glosses. These lip glosses smell amazing and if you look closely in the picture you can see the adorable bow at the top. They have the best coverage and the applicator is wonderful. This color is very nude and gives a subtle look of gloss but isn't shimmery. 

NYX Eye Shadow in "Aloha"- $2.99
I obviously needed a new eyeshadow because the one that I use on my inner eyelid is gone and shattered. The eyeshadow on the left in the picture is on of the best NYX eyeshadows, "My Favorite Color." No really, that is the name, it's the perfect champagne eyeshadow and I couldn't find it anywhere in my Ulta. So I decided to go with "Aloha", it's really similar. It's so similar in fact that I think its the same color just given a new name. 
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Yogurt"- $2.69
I love this eye pencil so much! I actually put it on my whole eye lid and put my eyeshadow on top of it to give it a pretty shimmer. Not only does it look good but it helps to keep my eyeshadow on ALL day. I put "Mulch" eyeshadow by MAC on half and NYX "My Favorite Color" on the other half. The "Mulch" is blended enough to make it look like a smokey eye. Needless to say as you can see in the picture I needed a new pencil. 

These are the swatches of all the cosmetics I bought. The first (closest to my wrist) is the lip gloss. The second is the eye pencil with the eyeshadow on top. The third thick swatch is the eyeshadow by itself. And the last swatch is the eye pencil also by itself.

Madden Girl Toriie Platform Pumps in Fuschia Fabric 4' Heels- $25.00
I can't even explain my excitement when I saw this gorgeous lovely heels. They are a beautiful satin fuschia with matching glitter on the platform and heels. Thankfully my Easter dress will match these and they were on sale! On they are 55 dollars and I got them for less than half at Marshalls!

HAANI shirt- $14.99
This shirt is the PERFECT spring/summer baggy shirt. The popular style for the spring are the baggy or boxy non flattering shirts. I just do not care for this trend at all. I have a small body but thanks to my genes I've been blessed with a huge but and chunky arms. Thankfully my arms are very big and I keep them under control but my butt has a mind of its own and I've come to love my body the way it is. Whew, I'm off my soapbox now haha. Anyways these boxy unflattering shirts make me look HUGE because they make my small upper body look big. I have the Kim Kardashian problem, I have to wear fitting clothes up top like her to accentuate my body. So I love this shirt, its baggy in the perfect spots.

 I don't know about anybody else but this weather to me is very odd. I live on the east of North Carolina and go to college in the middle so I'm used to odd weather. This spring weather has confused me so much, its 82 degrees in April! What makes it even more strange is the rest of the week will be in the 60's. I hope everyone has a great week no matter the weather! :)