Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hot New Acessories
(these accesories are from Forever 21)


big bracelets


Long-Strap Bags

What's In, What's Out

1. Soft Necklines
In- big bows and other sweet touches
Out- heavy masculine details

2. Coquettish Cocktail
In- flirtatious feminine frocks
Out- long, unembellished dresses

3. Playful Pumps
In- crystal adornment
Out- plain black for black tie

4. Mixed Media
In- combining pearls, ropes, and the unexpected.
Out- Singlestrand necklaces

5. Animal Prints
In- chic safari paterns
Out- preppy plaid

6. Pants for Night
In- romantic suiting for evening
Out- punk-rock ensembles for formal affairs

reason's your the best

1. You like Target and Tiffany about equally
2. You offer to babysit, and-yep-actually do.
3. When you borrow a dress, you return it-dry-cleaned.
4. You tell your bestfriend when she has spinach in her teeth(instantly fixable), but when she's gained five pounds(you know she already knows).
5. You're the kind of person who realizes that the airport security people-breathe, calm-are just doing their job.
6. You don't post pics where you look great and everyone else looks nauseous.
7. You dance, giggle, hug, sing, curse, cry(emote!), so no one's left wondering how you're feeling.
8. You give great birthdays
9. You aren't perfect...but then none of the best people are.

Where did christmas go?

I can not believe I did not blog like I said I would in the last post. I feel terrible. Although I will start blogging more than usual. Anyways, I hope all of you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Years(:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Gifts!

Oh how I love Christmas, but the days leading up to Christmas are terrible. The reason why I say this awful thing is because you have to pick out everyone's gifts. Some are easy, like for example: That wonderful co-worker you have that wears that same pin on her shirt EVERYDAY, she obviously needs a new one. Although there are also some people that just confuse you on what to get them. For example: That daughter of yours that stopped telling you everything and what she likes because, well, you know your just not a "cool mom" like everyone else's, and you just wouldn't understand. Well I can help you. I am going to blog atleast once a week to show whats "in", so you want have a problem with picking out a present for: your grandmother, daughter, mother, even that cousin that was twice removed.