Saturday, January 12, 2013

Flea market finds

Since it is my first week back to school I decided to stay at school over the weekend. To make my weekend worthwhile I stopped at the local fleamarket, which is only a few blocks away, this morning. 
At fleamarkets I only buy things that completely stop me in my tracks, things that I simply can not live without and this fleamarket always has good deals and antiques. Much to my surprise there really wasn't that much that caught my eye. I finally settled on buying these gorgeous salt shakers below because the man selling them saw me pick them up and gave me a deal I couldn't refuse. I have no idea what possessed me to buy them, I don't even have a kitchen, let alone a house! But anywho after I purchased them I sent a picture of them to my mom ( she immediately fell in love and commented that they would be a wonderful birthday present for her haha. 
I got these bad boys for only $12!
                                                             They are Neco sliver plated

As I got ready to leave and give up I saw this precious little teacup with out a saucer sitting on the shelf in a little old woman's booth. I knew it was going to be a little pricey because her booth was inside unlike the cheaper booths that are outside, but a teacup without a saucer is usually marked down. As I picked it up to examine it closer the woman said she would negotiate prices because it was already the afternoon and she was ready to get her stuff gone. I looked at the price tag and asked if she would take $8 instead of her $12 listing price and she agreed.

I collect teacups but usually only if they have saucers. However, this cup is my ultimate favorite teacup I've found so far. From the side view it looks like a plain jane white teacup with a gold stripe. But if you take a look inside it has bright blue/teal background with a little scene of a man and woman.