Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Color Blocking

2012 Spring Trends are so interesting this year! Another trend is Color Blocking, this would probably be my favorite of all 2012 spring trends. Color blocking means exactly what the name explains. Wearing bright colors or just different colors together is color blocking.

Katy Perry and her cover on ELLE.
New York and Company has many color blocking outfits on their website for New York and Company's lookbook. Link to this lookbook is here.

Color blocking is even found in shoes. You can find these wedges on or in their stores.

Dulce Candy from Youtube has a video that explains and shows her tips of color blocking. The link to the video is here.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Who knew matching so well was going to be a trend? Monochromatic is definitely IN for this spring and I'm thinking maybe even for summer. Even though color blocking is a new popular trend (coming soon), matching perfectly is also popular. Celebrities are doing it, stores are advertising it, and it has made its way into the spring time.

Ciara, Rihanna, and Heidi Klum in their monochromatic outfits. and their monochromatic promo section. To access this pink monochromatic section on click here.

Never be scared of a little color, monochromatic can be achieved with little effort. If your wearing a blue shirt, add blue heels, and blue accessories and you already have your trendy monochromatic look.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's popular for 2012?

The Mullet Skirt

The mullet skirt is becoming more popular and seems to be a very odd new fad. This look has been seen before but known as the "high-low skirt". I've seen very many prom dresses the few last years but never thought it would catch on into an actual skirt. Will this look last long and stay a fad or will it become a fashion? No one knows but I sure hope not.
Flirt by Maggie Sottero
Canary P5696

Gauzy Mint Maxi
High-low Lace Skirt