Monday, June 29, 2009


Just another day with the Bargain Queens!

Well me and mom were sitting at the kitchen table eating Penn's(local burger and hot dog joint that taste way better than any fast food chain) for lunch and we decided to go shopping. Not just any kind of shopping where we go to the mall and buy a few clothes, no a normal everyday shopping trip in our town. Our itty bitty city has Walmart, Big Lots, Peebles, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Rite-Aid, Cato, Payless, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Belk. I'm serious thats all we have! Anyways, we decided to go to Big Lots and our shopping trip grew from there.

I got a big bag of cotton balls for two dollars but I found the same exact bag at Dollar General later on for a dollar.

Three bottles of baby shapoo for thirty scents each! I buy baby shampoo to clean my makeup brushes.

Almost every Big Lots sells makeup. makeup is only a dollar online but with tax and shipping it adds up, but tw0 waterproof/regular mascara duos were a dollar!

After Big Lots we went down the road to Dollar Tree and bought a few things then walked over to Payless which was next door.
My mom bought these for me because they were having a buy one get the second half off. My shoes were nineteen dollars and hers were five dollars.

They also had the same sale for their jewelry so I bought two sets of earrings. One was two dollars and the othere pair were four dollars I think.

Next we walked over next door again to Cato and my mom bought me a cute yellow shirt to match my shoes.

Then me and my mom hit Dollar General on the way home and I bought these items.
I got a L.A. Colors Concealer, ten for a dollar candy sticks, and an all over brush.

This all over face brush is from also. I had no idea Dollar General sold makeup so I was super excited but everything they carry was sold out. Except for one all over face brush and a pair of eyelashes.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Depotting eyeshadows!

Have you ever ran out of room for all your eyeshadows? Well I have a solution once again. Depotting eyeshadows is fun and great for organization. Heres how to do it. Oh and make sure young kids aren't around because they might burn themselves.

You will need...
A piece of wax paper.

A straightener.
A pair of scissors.
A pair of tweezers(if the scissors can't get in the groove between the eyeshadow and the pot).
Your eyeshadow. Ulta stores have their own brand of makeup that is somewhat cheaper, and their eyeshadows are amazing. This is "Flutter" by Ulta.
A bottle of rubbing alcohol.
A cotton ball.
A small bag if you don't have a palette yet.
A palette. You can buy one on,,, or
Okay lets get started...
Place the wax paper over one of the plates on you straightener.
Place your eyeshadow over the wax paper on the straightener for about a minute. When the glue starts melting work your scissors or tweezers in any groove you can find.
The eyeshadow should pop right out.
Now you have depoted your eyeshadow!
Wipe of the glue off with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol.
Now you can either put your eyeshadow in a palette or in bag until you get a palette.
If you depot anything by MAC then you can take the left over pot to your local MAC store. If you bring six empty containers they will give you something for free in return.

Monday, June 22, 2009


My Bedroom!

I absolutely LOVE zebra print! I also LOVE any room that is just black and white with hints of red. My room was pink, orange, and blue, but it was getting old so I changed it about a year ago. I wanted to paint the room red, but my mom said that the color would stay the same. So now I have a orange, black, red, and white room!

When you walk in my room you first see the wild, zebra bed. My bed was already white so all it needed was new bedding and I put up a chandelier, a picture of the eiffel tower, and I tied a zebra bow on my big stuffed animal that I got for Valentines Day from my parents.

This is the quote over the head of my bed. I found it at Stein Mart for around ten dollars and stuck it up there.

My mom had this random big red chair for no reason so of course we put it in my room.

Beside my red chair is my mirror table which my mom also had for no reason. It holds has my red vase with huge feathers(Hobby Lobby), my frame with a picture of my friends(local store), and a charger dock for my phone(But lately all it holds is random junk)(TJ Maxx).

Above my red chair is my two magazine cover pictures I bought from A.C. Moore, my caricature from Florida, and my name in big wood letters was painted black to match.

This is my night stand beside my bed that I bought at HomeGoods I think. I keep cough drops, lotion, the current book I'm reading and my magazines in the two doors. Below is my drawer that I keep cords that go to my laptop, TV, camera, cell phone, etc.

This is the top of my night stand. It has my clock(already had), zebra(gift), DIVA sign(also already had) and my lamp(Hobby Lobby).

This is my desk that I bought at one of the local furniture stores. I already showed it in my earlier post.

I bought this zebra box at Home Goods. The picture is a picture of my class at last years formal(prom). The cross is a cross that came off my grandaddy's casket to give to his grandchildren. The two wine glasses are from two different formals at school.Last is the Clean Mist candle I bought from Bath and Body Works.

The top of my desk holds my TV, a picture of me and my cousin, a zebra "a"( it was just white but I soaked pieces of zebra tissue paper in glue and pasted them on), an eiffel tower clock(another random item my mom had), three snowbabys(gifts), and three candle holders.



I have this beautiful desk that I adore. I do my homework on it, it holds my tv, it holds my books, and it holds my dvds. Although it is the summer so I don't need the space I usually use for my homework. So I turned it into my makeup area.

I bought the three drawer organizer at Big Lots for $6.50! I already had the two sided, light up mirror, but the light doesn't work. The mat is a Redken Heat Protectant mat to sit your curling iron or flat iron on. I have no idea how much it was because I got it from my parents salon. It helps to not turn my white desk different colors when I drop makeup.

The bottom drawer of the organizer is all my mascaras,eye liners, and other junk.

The second drawer is everything for your face. Blushes, foundation, powders, and other things.

The top drawer is full of lip gloss and lip stick.

On top of my organizer is cotton swaps, lotion, shimmer powder, and my DIY brush in a cup(:

In this box I got for christmas is packed with my eyeshadows and eye shadow palletes.

Ta-da! Told you it was packed! Well that concludes my tour of my makeup area.



About everyone knows what DIY means (do it yourself). Well I have a new DIY idea for you bloggers out there.

Have you ever wondered where in the world will you put all your makeup brushes? Well I have, so I found the solution.

1. Grab a bag of sand.

I bought this sand with glitter already in it at Big Lots.

2. Find a cute vase or cup.

I bought this cup at HomeGoods to hold my pencils on my desk. Although I never put pencils in it unless they don't work so...

4. Put the sand in the cup.

5. Stick all your makeup brushes in the sand and they will stand on their own.

cute right?!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


No Connection to the Internet for a Whole Week Will Make You Go CRAZY!!!

So what had happened was... haha. That is usually what comes out of my mouth when I'm in trouble(: Although this time I'm not in trouble. I went to Raleigh, North Carolina to be a senate page, so I had planned to bring my laptop and post blogs all week. When I got to the hotel after work the second day I found that my computer's wireless internet connection is completely frozen. Atleast until I take it to Best Buy tuesday. Since my wonderful daddy felt sorry for me, he showed me how to hook the internet cable to my laptop. So now I shall post my new posts, and boy do I have lots to post!

First, I shall enlighten you on the HUGE semi annual sale at Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. (I finally found my camera, but sadly it is dead. Therefore I will show you pictures from the internet.)

Now everyone that knows me knows that my weakness is makeup and handbags! I love love love makeup. I even have a makeup station in my room, but I will save that for another post. Anyways I just had to buy some of Victoria's Secret's awesome makeup and a few other things.
I got two of these cream eyeshadows in "glampagne". It is a nude color with glitter which would be great for a base.

I also got two of these lovely single eyeshadows in "dazzle" and "purr". I already wear "purr" but it can't hurt to have a backup! haha Well thats how I look at it. "Dazzle is a gorgeous white glittery color and "purr" is dark brown.
Not only do I love makeup, I also love lotion or anything that smells good. So of course I got Beauty Rush's "Spicee Apple". I did get the matching "Spicee Apple" shimmer too!

Last, I got the mini "so sexy" hairspray for a dollar!

Although I did get lots more that I intend to share! After I hit Victoria's Secret I practically stole from Bath and Body Works haha.

I bought a small "Dancing Waters" candle that you melt over a candle for thirty-seven cents!

I also got foam burst body wash in my favorite smell at Bath and Body Works..."Sweet Pea". The body wash was only four dollars!

I am obsessed with anything that has the scent of coconut which brings me to my next buy. Bath and Body Works lotion in "Exotic Coconut" for four dollars!

These gloves are not just any ordinary gloves...they are moisturizing gloves! I know you probably have the same excitement I did...your excitement is completely understandable haha. These were $2.50! Oh and I bought a small "Wild Hunnysuckle" candle for thirty-seven cents and a big candle in "Clean Mist" for $2.37.

Now if you are like me you can't stop after two sales. No, you have to keep going, it would be a total crime to stop. Also if you are in a two story mall with stores that have sale signs in every window...well anyways I bought two more things.
My brother, Josh, just graduated high school. So like a great younger sister would do. I bought him a Hollister & Co. shirt to put in his graduation basket I am fixing him. I bought him this light blue polo for fifteen dollars! He has SUPER dark skin so it will look great on him.

Last but not least I just had to go to Forever 21. Mostly because this Forever 21 was HUGE. I bought all these items in Raleigh on wednesday, but thursday I had to wear high heels with a cranberry suit. So instead of pain I decided to glam my outfit a bit and buy these sequined ballet flats! cute right?!

Well it is 10:54 pm here, so I think I will read some of my new book I got from the thrift store "Essence of Style". Then go to bed, and tomorrow I will post a new blog about my jewelry business(: Goodnight!