Saturday, April 6, 2013

high class, with a low budget

Anyone that knows me knows I like a good bargain. Actually no one knows I buy things at such cheap prices but that's the beauty of places like high end consignment and places like Marshalls (my personal fav) and TJMaxx. Raleigh, NC has amazing consignment shops, however, some mark their prices up too high. Prices in some consignment shops are almost as high as the item would be new. The best thing about buying high end clothing brands at a bargain is no one can tell, the only way to tell is if it looks out of style already or if people have the seasons of the brand memorized. The top brands that have a long life span is the classics, like lilly pulitzer, nautica, izod, lacoste, and other preppy brands. Anywho, I digress. I found a few great deals this weekend and would like to share them.

My mom bought me this cute and springy Michael Kors shirt for only $24.99 at Stein Mart compared to $59.50! The best thing about Michael Kors is his great style and you can usually find him at any discount store such as Stein Mart, Marshall's, TJMaxx, etc.

I got this neon orange shirt from Marshall's for only $12.99 compared to $18, it's made by Say What?, which is popular at Belk. The only reason I got it is because of its trendy spring color, and the front is made of like a summer sweater and the back and the bottom of the front is made of chiffon. This would be great paired with white jeans and nautical jewelry.
 the chiffon backing
 Sorry for the sideways pictures but I scored these three adorable skirts.
 The first is a vineyard vines patchwork skirt I got at a great store in Raleigh, NC, its name is "dress", I kid you not. It has different patches of typical vineyard vines fabric and it will never go out of style, it is very nostalgic and typical vineyard vines. The fabric pieces have things like sailboats, golfclubs, palm trees, and golf balls. I got this great skirt for only $28.00 compared to a similar looking skirt by vineyard vines at $128.00 seen here.
 Another great Marshall's find is another trendy look of coral, white, and tan which will be very popular this spring. It is very thin and not very hot, it has the summer sweater feel and would be great for cold summer nights. I got it for $14.99 compared to $22.00 and it is also by Say What?. (The picture does not do it justice, plus I've already worn it so its very wrinkled.)
 The second skirt I bought is from Marshall's as well and it is a soft cotton casual skirt that is perfect for an event such as a cookout. I got it for $19.99 compared to $49.50 as written on the Nautica tag.
I got this simple seersucker skirt made by SANDRO at Marshall's for $16.99 compared to $32.00.
 Also from Marshall's is this IZOD cotton polo to match all of the skirts I bought, plus the pants below. It was only $12.99 compared to the $36.00 price on the tag.
 Like I said before, Lilly Pulitzer items can never be out of date, they are classic that are in style every spring and summer. However, it is crucial that you try on the lilly item before buying regardless of what size it is. Because almost everything is close to 100% cotton they can shrink and I have tried on numerous lilly clothing and the previous owners had wash them too many times or put them in the dryer. I bought these adorable mom and baby monkey print (from what I got from ebay it is called "mommy and me") capri pants, the tag is an older lilly tag unlike the newer pink tags so this print is probably a few years old. I got them for $36.00 dollars compared to the normal price of lilly pants at $168.

 The biggest excitement of all the things I bought were these wonderful Jack Roger wedges. I own a black pair and silver pair of the typical jack roger classic navajo but I have never seen the heels until I ran into them at Dress. These heels were only $38.00 compared to the $188 pair on the Jack Roger website. They are made with the signature Jack Roger leather with detail and wooden heels.
 Because summer is coming I just had to get these starfish earrings at dress for $12.00.
And last I bought this gorgeous plate with the words "to believe is to have faith". 

from the bargain princess herself,