Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crafts for My Room

I really like to craft and be creative so I decided to do some for my room. 

 I kept seeing jewelry holders all over pinterest but didn't see any I particularly liked. I thought about it all summer and finally thought of a way to show my necklaces and actually match my room. I went to Wal-mart and got wood pieces from the craft section. I painted them Duck Egg blue from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint collection and stenciled a crown with simple white craft paint. The white hooks in the corner of the picture were super difficult to twist in but I got them in and they work great for necklaces. 

The canvas below was inspired by a pinterest find. I copied the quote and pearls that someone had painted on a canvas from pinterest. The burlap however was my idea. The canvas on pinterest as painted tan but I covered my canvas with burlap and then painted the quote and pearls on the burlap which was not easy. I painted the canvas not knowing where I was going to put it. My mom had a great idea that I should make three more to match and use over my bed.

The people that lived in our apartment before us left cabinets full of empty wine bottles. I almost through them all away but I decided to keep a few in case I came across a way to use them. I found a picture online that showed wine bottles wrapped in twine. I wrapped it in twine that I found at Dollar Tree and glued it in place with my glue gun. I now use it as a vase for a fake hydrangea I found in the flower section in Wal-mart.

Last but certainly not least, I took a normal bulletin board from Wal-mart and painted it the same Duck Egg blue that I painted my necklace holders. I got a packet of stencils from eBay and used the one the picture to stencil a design with white craft paint. After it dried I used silver thumbtacks to make a shiny border that gives the look of upholstered furniture.