Monday, September 16, 2013

Home Away From Home

 The college I attend doesn't allow the students to live off campus or in the campus apartments until a student has atleast 60 hours (considered a junior). It is my third year in college and I have earned 60 hours so I finally earned the right to move out of the dorms, best part of being a junior! haha I didn't move very far, however, I moved to the apartments on campus but I love it. But enough of my life story, it's time to see my room!

 The view when you come in, the room came equipped with a bed, dresser, a rolling desk chair, and desk. I brought my black chair that I used as a desk chair last year, an old shelf from Pier One Imports that once sat in my room at home, a TV, and other decorations.

  The blue plaques are necklace holders that I crafted so I could have easy access to my jewelry and display them.

My pink mirror is my favorite decoration in my whole room. My mom found it while thrifting. Someone had painted an old plastic mirror a hot pink color which matched my bedspread perfectly. 

My bed spread is a little on the wild side, especially for me. I'm very flashy when it comes to what I like and what I wear but I have a more mature approach to it. However, this Cynthia Rowley bedspread is a little more juvenile that my taste, but I love it. I got it from Marshalls for around seventy dollars. My favorite part about it is that it matches everything because of the many colors in it.

 Lastly is my desk, I decided to keep the ugly rolling chair mainly because I don't have anything else to do with it. I painted the bulletin board on the wall and brought back my lamp and shoe tape dispenser from my dorm. Ignore the buckets, they were my presents to my littles.