Wednesday, December 19, 2012

25 days of christmas: decorate cookies

One of our activities for our 25 days of christmas was to decorate cookies. My brother didn't like this idea and my boyfriend was surfing the web so I did them myself. Before anyone feels bad for me just a little bit, don't be, I was pretty excited to be able to make cookies by myself. I say this because boys don't usually make or decorate cookies cute so I could do whatever I wanted.

My supplies: sugar cookie mix, condiment bottles, andes mints (for another post), vanilla icing, chocolate morsels, and candy sprinkles.

I got these cute cookie cutters at a local flea market for a dollar and I was thrilled. They are just too adorable; there is a santa holding a bag, christmas tree, star, bell, and gingerbread man.

Making a mess! I forgot that flour helps everything not stick to the dough so I had a time until I figured it out.

I love baking so much, however I can NOT work a icing bag at all. It always comes out the wrong end, or the icing won't go in the bag at all, or I just can't find all the parts to start with. I obviously needed a solution. On pinterest I saw this cool idea, why not put icing in a condiment bottle so it makes a perfect line!? Also, another plus is it doesn't make such a mess. The bottles are really cheap at Walmart maybe 90 cents give or take.

getting started!

End Results: people, santas, trees, bells, stars, and one candy cane.