Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tacky Christmas Party...for two!

My bestfriend from high school is a senior this year so I hardly ever get to see her while I'm in college. Therefore, everytime I'm home we get together. Since I was in 9th grade and she was in 7th we've always had tacky christmas parties. However, the next year she invited all of our friends again and none of them showed up but me. They all had legitimate reasons for their absence and instead of being discouraged we actually had the time of our lives, just us two. I'm not really sure where or when our friendship started  but I think it was this particular party that made us inseparable. From then on we had our normal tacky christmas parties, but just for us two while we sang Shania Twain's "Party for Two" (below).

How funny is it that they swing on a chandelier, one day I want to attempt that same stunt. Anywho, fast forward four years later and we're older, more mature, and wiser...but we are doing the same exact thing. We bought (separably) some new (just kidding...thrift store) tacky sweaters and got together to fix a Hello Kitty holiday cookie house. 

Because we were alone we couldn't take a picture together so we settled for two picture put together thanks to picstitch.

My ugly sweater actually came from the back of my mom's closet, she hasn't worn it for years. I paired it with leggings, some santa socks (hidden by my shoes), and brown boots. I didn't add jewelry, I thought the sweater was loud enough haha.

Kinda wish I had done this funny sweater instead, I found it on pinterest and thought it was just the funniest thing I've ever seen. 

 Our cute Hello Kitty holiday cookie house turned out soooo cute. FYI- it's called a holiday cookie house because it's made from sugar cookie, not gingerbread. I'm guessing because they wanted it pink?

My life is made now that I found these straw glasses at Wal-Mart! I can't take them seriously I've nearly spilled my drink on me every time I've used them because they're so funny! In the first picture I made my best friend, Tess, try them. In the second is the actual glasses in the packaging, how cute is that little boy on the cover!?

Happy Holla Days!