Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who's ready for Christmas? Me! Me! Me!

I've never been so excited for Christmas in a while, maybe because I'm home from school all month. I wanted to cherish each day of December leading up to Christmas. As I waited for my Christmas break to start I went online and got enough ideas for each day. However, the activities are for my boyfriend (20), brother(14), and I (19) so I needed to make them age appropriate and exciting. To add more incentive to participate: I wrote each activity on a piece of paper, cut them out in strips, and taped them to fun sized candy bars.

 The list:
  • ·         family game night
  • ·         start a new tradition of making Christmas ornaments. Imagine trimming your tree when your kids are teenagers and looking back at those little ornaments you made so long ago!
  • ·         Participate in Angel Tree or another charity drive where you and your family get a chance to give to others.
  • ·         Movie night with favorite Christmas treats. Actually, Christmas movies all month long!! :-)
  • ·         Drive around and look at lights 
  • ·         Visit a Living Nativity.
  • ·         Decorate a gingerbread house.
  • ·         Play bingo with dollar store prizes.
  • ·         Make a Christmas card for a soldier. (If you don't know a soldier you can mail a Christmas card to Holiday Mail for Heroes, P.O. Box 5456, Capitol Heights, MD  20791-5456)
  • ·         Bake a Christmas treat and visit an elderly relative or church member who needs encouragement.
  • ·         Make snow globes
  • ·         Drive around and look at lights 
  • ·         Hot chocolate and smores party
  • ·         Breakfast for dinner
  • ·         Drive around and look at lights 
  • ·         Drive around and look at lights 
  • ·         Have a cookie decorating party. 
  • ·         Let the kids open a present on Christmas Eve -- new pajamas! Not only is this a fun tradition, but it ensures they will be dressed in cute pjs for Christmas morning pictures. :-)
       If you haven't noticed already, I don't have exactly 25 activities to add flexibility with our schedules. My boyfriend works, attends the nearest community college, and volunteers at our local fire department; my brother has school and basketball practice or game every night so we aren't able to do it every night. Also some of the activities can't be picked at random because the last one is reserved for the 24th and a few depend on town activities (for example, live nativity, and parades.) Lastly I have put "drive around and look at lights" four times because we can drive in our own town and the towns around us each night.