Thursday, October 24, 2013

Antlers and Wood, Oh My

This past summer my boyfriend inherited a house. My boyfriend can barely dress himself let alone decorate a house. Obviously the fashion major girlfriend came to the rescue. This house is completely barren; no paint, no molding, no furniture...nothing. We had to start from scratch. As many people know, no matter how much you want to move in immediately it is so much easier to decorate a house before you move. However, he was living with friends when he was given his own home so he decided to move in. Not only did he move in alone, but he invited two of his friends to live with him as his roommates. So the little 5'4 girlfriend has to decorate around the three very opinionated 6'5 men. First, I started asking around for any furniture any one wanted to give away because with new random bills and house things my boyfriend just couldn't juggle it all at once. I received tons of palm tree and beach themed stuff because we live near the east coast in the middle of all beaches. I figured the living room could be beachy and random furniture that didn't match could go in the "man cave." However, the beach theme just doesn't appeal in this house, it's too manly and we live in the country. So we scratched the beach theme and I thought we should bring the man cave throughout the whole house. Of course I got some inspiration from Pinterest.
 I love the way they decorated this big wall and used all of the space. In the living room one wall is HUGE and there's no way you could ever cover it all. This wall covering would be perfect for it.
 This chandler is so masculine but feminine at the same time. This is a great marriage of two worlds, southern with a classy twist.
 How cute is this ladder!? I would do without the white chain because it looks a little 90s. I love the hooks and it even make laundry look cute hanging up which is a once in a lifetime deal ha..
 What manly way can you display glasses? With a old rake of course!
In love with dear heads, whether it is a statue or outline. It's a simple way to have a big impact in a room.

Decor and Antlers, Ashley