Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Haul

After getting out my winter clothes, I realized that I really don't have that many winter clothes. This weekend me and my mom went out shopping and I thought I would share what we bought.
 Chunky pearl necklaces are so in this season. I wanted to join the crowd but every pearl necklace I saw was too expensive or not chunky enough. I found this chunky necklace at Roses when I was buying cheap christmas lights (I know, a little early) and it was only 6 dollars! It comes in silver and gold but I wear more gold now.
 I got these two necklaces at a local boutique that I worked at this summer. I needed a jewel looking neutral necklace and thought this was perfect! I also love this style. The gold necklace underneath is a long heavy gold chain with pearls and crosses. It is super cute with sweaters and boots.

This necklace is gorgeous with a plain black shirt. It is a classy pearl bubble necklace in silver.

 I also bought this key top and denim top. The denim top is Nine West from TjMaxx and its long and big enough to wear with leggings. I also got the Durango boots I'm wearing from my grandparents hardware store.
This is a terrible picture and doesn't do this shirt justice. However, I got this super cute cobalt blue top with huge sleeves and criss cross back. I also got my dress for my college's junior ring dinner but I will post it later after the event.