Thursday, June 25, 2009


Depotting eyeshadows!

Have you ever ran out of room for all your eyeshadows? Well I have a solution once again. Depotting eyeshadows is fun and great for organization. Heres how to do it. Oh and make sure young kids aren't around because they might burn themselves.

You will need...
A piece of wax paper.

A straightener.
A pair of scissors.
A pair of tweezers(if the scissors can't get in the groove between the eyeshadow and the pot).
Your eyeshadow. Ulta stores have their own brand of makeup that is somewhat cheaper, and their eyeshadows are amazing. This is "Flutter" by Ulta.
A bottle of rubbing alcohol.
A cotton ball.
A small bag if you don't have a palette yet.
A palette. You can buy one on,,, or
Okay lets get started...
Place the wax paper over one of the plates on you straightener.
Place your eyeshadow over the wax paper on the straightener for about a minute. When the glue starts melting work your scissors or tweezers in any groove you can find.
The eyeshadow should pop right out.
Now you have depoted your eyeshadow!
Wipe of the glue off with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol.
Now you can either put your eyeshadow in a palette or in bag until you get a palette.
If you depot anything by MAC then you can take the left over pot to your local MAC store. If you bring six empty containers they will give you something for free in return.