Saturday, June 6, 2009


What does ten dollars get you at Claire's?

Well if you've ever asked yourself that question, then the answer is ten things! Claire's has its ten for ten sale at the most random times during the year. I always seem to find this sale a month before christmas so I buy ten things for friends and family presents, but this year I found this sale a week or two ago.

These bows were originally $3.50. This adorable Hello Kitty bracelet was orginally $8.50!
The brown hoop earrings were $7.00. The matching Hello Kitty earrings were $7.50! Last, the black earring were $6.50.

I also got four necklaces. The first necklace is actually two black necklaces and they were $8.50 each. The next necklaces was originally $7.50. The cute silver necklaces with the mini owl on it was $6.50. The last one was originally $10.50!