Friday, June 5, 2009

Already My Second Post!

My daily hair products and tools

I was gonna do a in and out post, but it slowly turned to what I do to my hair daily. I love buying hair products but hate having to actually use them. I would rather cut out all the time I spend on my hair and use more time on my makeup or fix my outfit for the day. Unlike most people I take a shower at night instead of the morning because it takes so long to dry my hair. I never use any product at night, only in the morning when I straighten it.

The first bottle in the picture is my biolage travel size hair spray that I keep in my pocketbook. Its great when I'm rushed before a basketball game to get ready. So as soon as I get to the gym I spray my hair before we practice our cheers for cheerleading. The next bottle is my Lanza Healing Moisture Color Care Shine Glistener, I use It when my hair looks dull. The blue bottle in the middle is my Lanza Healing Moisture Silk Serum, my hair gets so frizzy and curly with humidity. North Carolina is full of humidity, so I put a dime size in my hands and work it through my hair to stay straight. Next is Redken's Spray Starch which is a heat protecting, light hold spray. Last is my itty bitty CHI Silk Infusion. I use it occasionally before I dry my hair.

Last is my tools. First is my pink Zoe straightener, I would never leave the house if I didn't have a straightener because my hair is a giant frizz ball when I blow dry it. Speaking of blow drying the next tool is my pink travel size Berry Dryer. I love this little thing. It's not as loud as a usual blow dyer, and it blows a sweet smelling strawberry scent. I use the next tool to part my air and tease my curls when I actually curl my hair. The blue brush is my usual brush to use with my straightener. The grey brush is my roll brush that I use with my blow dryer.