Friday, June 12, 2009


Sugar Cosmetics at TJMaxx

So out of all the makeup brands my favorites are: NYX Cosmetics and Sugar Cosmetics. I know that MAC and NARS is supposed to be amazing, but both are way to expensive. Anyways I love Sugar Cosmetics, but its also expensive. About a year ago TJMaxx decide to sell my two favorite brands: Sugar Cosmetics and Betsey Johnson! Which leads me to my purchases below.

I bought this lip slick in "Sand", which is the third one in the picture. It was $9.00 online and I bought it for $2.99!

This lip gloss is in "Modpodge" and was also $2.99 and $12.00 online.

Ahhh I love this palette. It's called "Sugar is a girl's best friend" and I bought it for $7.00. Online it is $36.00!