Monday, June 22, 2009



I have this beautiful desk that I adore. I do my homework on it, it holds my tv, it holds my books, and it holds my dvds. Although it is the summer so I don't need the space I usually use for my homework. So I turned it into my makeup area.

I bought the three drawer organizer at Big Lots for $6.50! I already had the two sided, light up mirror, but the light doesn't work. The mat is a Redken Heat Protectant mat to sit your curling iron or flat iron on. I have no idea how much it was because I got it from my parents salon. It helps to not turn my white desk different colors when I drop makeup.

The bottom drawer of the organizer is all my mascaras,eye liners, and other junk.

The second drawer is everything for your face. Blushes, foundation, powders, and other things.

The top drawer is full of lip gloss and lip stick.

On top of my organizer is cotton swaps, lotion, shimmer powder, and my DIY brush in a cup(:

In this box I got for christmas is packed with my eyeshadows and eye shadow palletes.

Ta-da! Told you it was packed! Well that concludes my tour of my makeup area.