Sunday, June 21, 2009


No Connection to the Internet for a Whole Week Will Make You Go CRAZY!!!

So what had happened was... haha. That is usually what comes out of my mouth when I'm in trouble(: Although this time I'm not in trouble. I went to Raleigh, North Carolina to be a senate page, so I had planned to bring my laptop and post blogs all week. When I got to the hotel after work the second day I found that my computer's wireless internet connection is completely frozen. Atleast until I take it to Best Buy tuesday. Since my wonderful daddy felt sorry for me, he showed me how to hook the internet cable to my laptop. So now I shall post my new posts, and boy do I have lots to post!

First, I shall enlighten you on the HUGE semi annual sale at Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. (I finally found my camera, but sadly it is dead. Therefore I will show you pictures from the internet.)

Now everyone that knows me knows that my weakness is makeup and handbags! I love love love makeup. I even have a makeup station in my room, but I will save that for another post. Anyways I just had to buy some of Victoria's Secret's awesome makeup and a few other things.
I got two of these cream eyeshadows in "glampagne". It is a nude color with glitter which would be great for a base.

I also got two of these lovely single eyeshadows in "dazzle" and "purr". I already wear "purr" but it can't hurt to have a backup! haha Well thats how I look at it. "Dazzle is a gorgeous white glittery color and "purr" is dark brown.
Not only do I love makeup, I also love lotion or anything that smells good. So of course I got Beauty Rush's "Spicee Apple". I did get the matching "Spicee Apple" shimmer too!

Last, I got the mini "so sexy" hairspray for a dollar!

Although I did get lots more that I intend to share! After I hit Victoria's Secret I practically stole from Bath and Body Works haha.

I bought a small "Dancing Waters" candle that you melt over a candle for thirty-seven cents!

I also got foam burst body wash in my favorite smell at Bath and Body Works..."Sweet Pea". The body wash was only four dollars!

I am obsessed with anything that has the scent of coconut which brings me to my next buy. Bath and Body Works lotion in "Exotic Coconut" for four dollars!

These gloves are not just any ordinary gloves...they are moisturizing gloves! I know you probably have the same excitement I did...your excitement is completely understandable haha. These were $2.50! Oh and I bought a small "Wild Hunnysuckle" candle for thirty-seven cents and a big candle in "Clean Mist" for $2.37.

Now if you are like me you can't stop after two sales. No, you have to keep going, it would be a total crime to stop. Also if you are in a two story mall with stores that have sale signs in every window...well anyways I bought two more things.
My brother, Josh, just graduated high school. So like a great younger sister would do. I bought him a Hollister & Co. shirt to put in his graduation basket I am fixing him. I bought him this light blue polo for fifteen dollars! He has SUPER dark skin so it will look great on him.

Last but not least I just had to go to Forever 21. Mostly because this Forever 21 was HUGE. I bought all these items in Raleigh on wednesday, but thursday I had to wear high heels with a cranberry suit. So instead of pain I decided to glam my outfit a bit and buy these sequined ballet flats! cute right?!

Well it is 10:54 pm here, so I think I will read some of my new book I got from the thrift store "Essence of Style". Then go to bed, and tomorrow I will post a new blog about my jewelry business(: Goodnight!


Stella said...

Love the glitzy shoes. Just what I would choose and I am a great-grand mother. Just proves you never to old for a little glam.

Mackenzie said...

Yea for dad's!! Handy dad's are the best. Good thing I have one also! Like Stella said, LOVE THE SHOES! It's also really nice you bought something for your brother! I'm graduating this weekend. :Z Can you say, NER-VOUS! Glad to have you back!