Monday, June 22, 2009


My Bedroom!

I absolutely LOVE zebra print! I also LOVE any room that is just black and white with hints of red. My room was pink, orange, and blue, but it was getting old so I changed it about a year ago. I wanted to paint the room red, but my mom said that the color would stay the same. So now I have a orange, black, red, and white room!

When you walk in my room you first see the wild, zebra bed. My bed was already white so all it needed was new bedding and I put up a chandelier, a picture of the eiffel tower, and I tied a zebra bow on my big stuffed animal that I got for Valentines Day from my parents.

This is the quote over the head of my bed. I found it at Stein Mart for around ten dollars and stuck it up there.

My mom had this random big red chair for no reason so of course we put it in my room.

Beside my red chair is my mirror table which my mom also had for no reason. It holds has my red vase with huge feathers(Hobby Lobby), my frame with a picture of my friends(local store), and a charger dock for my phone(But lately all it holds is random junk)(TJ Maxx).

Above my red chair is my two magazine cover pictures I bought from A.C. Moore, my caricature from Florida, and my name in big wood letters was painted black to match.

This is my night stand beside my bed that I bought at HomeGoods I think. I keep cough drops, lotion, the current book I'm reading and my magazines in the two doors. Below is my drawer that I keep cords that go to my laptop, TV, camera, cell phone, etc.

This is the top of my night stand. It has my clock(already had), zebra(gift), DIVA sign(also already had) and my lamp(Hobby Lobby).

This is my desk that I bought at one of the local furniture stores. I already showed it in my earlier post.

I bought this zebra box at Home Goods. The picture is a picture of my class at last years formal(prom). The cross is a cross that came off my grandaddy's casket to give to his grandchildren. The two wine glasses are from two different formals at school.Last is the Clean Mist candle I bought from Bath and Body Works.

The top of my desk holds my TV, a picture of me and my cousin, a zebra "a"( it was just white but I soaked pieces of zebra tissue paper in glue and pasted them on), an eiffel tower clock(another random item my mom had), three snowbabys(gifts), and three candle holders.


Mackenzie said...

Oh. My. Gosh. We have soooo much in common!! I also love zebra print and have a pink bedspread with zebra in it! Scary!!

Oh I also loved that little DIY craft that you posted before!

This is what my bedspread is:
My Bedspread

Kellie said...

Love your room. :) You are quite talented just like your Mom. I'll be checking back on your blog to see what you continue to post. :)

Michele said...

Hi Ashley ~ love your room...yes, you are very talented and creative!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Ashley...

I popped over from your mom's blog to say, "Hi." I love that you are so into decorating. I like black and white, too, and love your room decor.

Hope you have fun blogging..


Sheila :-)

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Ashley!

Love your decorating! Nice work!! It looks very sophisticated but fun. Good balance. And your idea for storing the makeup brushes is excellent!

Great blog! Have fun!
Hugs, Sherry